Mercy Crew Team Budget

2015-2016 Revenues

  • Approximately 76% of our revenue came from registrations dues.
  • 6% came from OLM school support.
  • The remaining 18% was generated through various fundraising activities throughout the year.

2015-2016 Expenses

  • Approximately 32% of our budget was allocated to coaching fees.
  • An additional 30% was allocated to purchasing/financing boats.
  • Rack fees for the GWC and Pittsford Tank fees were just under 14%.
  • Insurance, towing costs and repairs were an additional 12%.
  • Regatta fees were about 9% of the budget.
  • Miscellaneous fees were an additional 4% of the budget.

If you have any specific questions about or suggestions for the budget, feel free to attend the monthly board meetings scheduled on the first Thursday of each month.