Rowing in College & NCAA Recruitment Info


If you might be interested in rowing in college, please visit

This website will give you all the information you need to be eligible to row Division I or II in college.  If you have questions search the Frequently Asked Questions at

This website encourages students in grade 10 to complete their profile, this profile ensures that you have taken and completed the courses required to be eligible to play in college.  If you are older than 10th grade, you can still complete your profile and upload your documents.

Even if you are unsure if you would like to compete, it is a good idea to complete the process.  Just on the off chance at some point during your college career you are offered the opportunity to row this will allow you to do so without having to back track and submit these documents.

How do I know what schools have rowing programs?

NCAA Directory website:

You can search and filter for Women’s Rowing. The link below will show all rowing schools in all divisions:


If there is a school you are interested in you should look up that coach’s contact information online and send them an email.  Coaches can speak to you at any point as long as you start the conversation.  This is to keep students from getting too many unwanted emails from colleges.