Attendance Policy Acknowledgement

Mercy Crew Attendance Policy Clarifications

In an effort to improve boating performance and consistency the Coaches & Board want to provide some clarity in regards to the Attendance Policy as stated in the Mercy Crew Handbook.  We have attempted to accommodate regular absences to allow girls who participate in multiple activities to also participate in crew.  This has resulted in rower frustration and inconsistent boating.

Excerpts from Mercy Crew Handbook 2016, Rower Expectationson pages8-9 state:

“Missing practice is highly discouraged.  The success of Mercy Crew and each of its boats depends on the dedication of every rower.  When any single athlete misses practice, the absence affects the entire team. An absence may cause a boat to spend the entire practice on land, cutting into valuable water time”.     

“If a rower is absent, the coaches will need to rearrange the boat line-ups at the last minute, wasting valuable practice time.”

“Failure to use the “nopractice” email may result in discipline.  See the Statement of Expectations for Rowers at Appendix A. Absences without notifying your coach in advance may, at the discretion of the coaches, result in the following consequences: 

  • Removal from current boat/seat;
  • Removal from a day of practice; or
  • Removal from the next regatta.”

Excerpts from Mercy Handbook 2016,Appendix Astates:

“It is expected that a rower will attend all scheduled practices and regattas in their entirety.  Absences dictated by academic requirements are understood, but rowers should otherwise plan schedules around practice and regatta times.  Absences can affect more than just one boat.  Rowers are not guaranteed a seat in the boat and must earn the right to row at regattas.  Advance notice of absences should respectfully be made in writing, time permitting, requesting permission for the absence as soon as the rower becomes aware of a conflict.  

 If a rower has more than three (3) unexcused absences from practice, the coaching staff may remove that rower from the team for that season. An unexcused absence is defined as an absence that occurs without prior notification to the coaching staff.  The notification process is outlined in the “Missing Practice” section of Rower Expectations.

Going forward the coaches have decided we can NOT accommodate regular weekly absences.  All scheduled practices and regattas are MANDATORY.   Leaving early, and coming late, are disruptive and will NOT be tolerated as it cuts in on limited water time.  February break there will be NO practices but workouts will be assigned to be completed on your own.  During Easter Break,there ARE 3 practices, please contact the coaches PRIOR to the start of the Spring season if you are unable to attend these practices or a Spring regatta.

  • After your 1st unexcused absence you will be given a verbal warning,
  • 2Nd unexcused absence you will receive a written warning,
  • 3rd unexcused absence you will be asked to leave the team.

The Coaches & Board are conscience of the large time commitment rowing requires.  All the coaches have competed on a rowing team, some while simultaneously completing rigorous course study.  As coaches we fully understand the time management issues rowing can create. Fully committing to your rowing experience can yield many great lessons and opportunities, regular focused practice is the key to our sport.  The Coaches & Boardwant to be transparent and allow rowers to reflect upon and re-evaluate their schedules, so each rower can choose what is right for them going forward.  The coaches are planning for a strong winter and successful spring, but this can only occur with rower and parent cooperation in this matter.

Please print and sign the acknowledgement of these Attendance Policies on the following page: