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Mercy Crew Hospitality Coordinators:  Kim and Carl Pepe

Cooking/ Hosting Families

  • We provide breakfast, lunch or both the day of each regatta, pending regatta length, for rowers and families in attendance.
  • We request up to 2 families/4 people to coordinate and prepare each of the planned meals.
  • Cooking/Hosting families are responsible for planning, meal set-up, cooking and meal clean-up that day.
  • Families can sign up via the SignUp Genius link. You will receive a confirmation email with the regatta date and co-hosting families so you can coordinate the details.
  • If you want to cook/host but don’t want to actually plan the meal – simply notify the other families and they will assign something for you to bring/prepare.  Please feel free to email any of the hospitality members and we can also help with getting you information on what the menu is so you can shop/prepare etc.
  • All meals and food must/should be wholesome and nourishing.
  • Food purchased for cooking/hosting are fully reimbursable. Send your receipts to:

Robert Moldoch
Mercy Crew Treasurer
PO Box 10582
Rochester, NY 14610

Donated Food/Drink Items

  • These are an assortment of healthy food items that the rowers “grab and go” before and after rowing.
  • Parents who sign up to bring these food items bring them to each regatta.
  • A list of requested items will be sent for you to sign up to bring via SignUp Genius.
  • You must bring that item to each regatta. If you are not able to attend the regatta, please send your items with another rower or parent.
  • All donated food items must be wholesome and nourishing (healthy).

Meal Headcount

  • A SignUp Genius will also be sent for each regatta requesting a count of how many family members, including your rower, will be attending the regatta to get a count for eating. It is very important to get this number ahead of time enabling us to shop/ plan the meals for the families that have volunteered to host/ cook.
  • Please let the Hospitality Coordinators know if anyone in your family has any type of food allergy.

Hope this helps to clarify hospitality.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

Thank you for making Mercy Crew a great experience for all our girls!

Kim and Carl Pepe
Mercy Crew Hospitality Coordinators