Alumni News

Our current alumni representative is Colleen Kosanke. Colleen was Mercy Class of 2017 and coxed for Mercy Crew 2013 – 2017. She is attending Michigan State University and coxed for the Michigan State Men’s Team.

Alumni Representative: Colleen Kosanke can be contacted at –

Responsibilities: Maintains Alumni Database. Coordinates Alumni Row in spring season. Facilitates communication with alumni regarding Mercy Crew events, fundraising, etc.

Mercy Crew Alumni News:

NEW News

  • Alumni Olivia Schaertl  ’19 rows D-1 at Syracuse University
  • Alumni Michaela Deutsch ’19 rows D-3 at Hobart and William Smith
  • Alumni Meghan McAliney ’19 rows D-1 at Boston University
  • Alumni Race 2019 was a great success! We had an eight and a four ready to race, thank you for this amazing turnout! Due to weather only the eight was able to race, finishing with a great 1st place, we still got it girls! Thank you to all the alumni who participated and the amazing turnout of parents for cheering us on.

News Archive

  • Alumni Rachel Bessette rows D-3 at Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Alumni Megan Kilmartin rows D-2 at Mercyhurst University. Recently competed at the NCAA Championships 2018, following a silver medal finish at the Dad Vail Regatta. 
  • Alumni Colleen Kosanke competes at ACRA Championships 2018 with Michigan State Crew Club; placing 12th in the Varstiy 8+ category.
  • Thank You to Alexis Pawluk, Serra Sevenler, Mary Kosanke, Ally Seymour, and Meaghan Wilson for participating in the Alumni Race at the Pittsford Regatta. Mark the calendar for the next alumni race May 25th 2019.

Alumni News May 2019