Swim Test for New Novice

Swim Test Required for New Novices
Complete by Monday, March 30th

Each Mercy Crew participant must pass a basic swim test prior to getting onto the water in a boat. This is only required to be completed prior to the rower’s first season on the water.

The test can be completed at your convenience at the JCC of Rochester for a nominal fee of $10. The test can be completed during any Open Swim time. Simply print the form accessed by clicking on the button below. Hand the form to the lifeguard, complete the activities, and have the lifeguard sign off to verify the athlete’s completion of the swim test requirements. Return the form to one of the coaches upon successful completion of the Swim Test.

The skills to be performed are:
  1. Swim for 50 yards
  2. Tread water for 10 minutes
  3. Put on a life vest while in the water
  4. Assess overall swimming strength as poor, fair or good.
Complete the Swim Test at:
JCC of Rochester
1200 Edgewood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618

Check for Open Swim and pool hours at:
(585) 461-2000


Please be sure to complete the Swim Test no later than Monday, March 30, the beginning of the Spring 2020 Crew Season on water training.

Click here for:  Mercy Crew Swim Test Form