Mercy Health Appraisal & Parent Recertification

Before the start of each Mercy Crew season (Fall and Spring), each athlete must be approved by the Mercy School Nurse.

To be eligible to begin the season, each athlete must:

  1. Have a physical dated within one year from the start of the season and submit or already have on file the Student Health Appraisal (i.e. Physical) Form to the Mercy Health Office (i.e. Nurse’s Office).
  2. Have an updated immunization record on file with the school Health Office.
  3. Fill out and sign the Mercy Athletics Parent/Guardian Permission & Medical Recertification Form. This is to be filled out by a parent and then signed by both a parent and the student-athlete. This form must be filled out prior to the start of season and is only valid for 30 days prior to the beginning of the season.
  4. Turn in all health forms directly to the Health Office. Forms must be delivered either in person, mailed or emailed. It is not the responsibility of the coach or Athletic Director to accept and/or submit any health forms.

Health and parent permission forms are available on the Athletics page of the OLM website:

When the school nurse receives the Parent Permission/Recertification Form, she will look up the date of the student’s last doctor’s physical (i.e. health appraisal) and notify the parents or student if not valid. If the school nurse does not give full approval for participation, a student-athlete is not eligible for participation at any level.

For Spring 2021, the Mercy Crew season officially begins Tuesday, April 6.

  • Thus Parent Permission/ Recertification Forms cannot be turned in prior to Mon. March 8.
  • DO NOT TURN IN earlier than Monday, March 8 or they will be deemed INVALID. Recertification Forms are only valid if turned in within 30 days before the start date of the season.
  • The DEADLINE that ALL FORMS must be turned in by is FRIDAY, MARCH 26 (just prior to Spring Break) to allow time for the school nurse to complete the approval process prior to April 6.