Shamrock Row Ergatta

BSRA Shamrock Row Indoor Ergatta
Sunday, March 8, 2020

Buffalo Seminary
205 Bidwell Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14222

As part of our winter training program the Mercy Crew team will be competing at the BSRA Shamrock Row Indoor Ergatta in Buffalo, NY on Sunday, March 8.  This is an indoor rowing competition completed on ergs where the girls will be rowing 2000m competing alongside other rowers in their category.

The Mercy Crew team participated in this event for the first time in 2019 and had a great experience. Although not mandatory this year, it is highly encouraged for all to participate. We understand that this will be a full weekend of crew activities with the Mercy Crew Garage Sale on Saturday as well.


  • 9:00am – Team Arrival Time
    • Please Check In with the Coaches upon Arrival
  • 10:05am – Women’s Junior Lightweight (130lb) (2000m)
  • 10:55am – Women’s Junior Novice (2000m)
  • 11:25am – Women’s Junior (2000m)
  • 12:15pm – Women’s Coxswain Dash (500m)
    • Optional for coxswains. If you don’t compete, you attend at no cost.
  • 12:25pm – Women’s Coaches Dash (500m)
  • 1:05pm – Women’s Junior Tandem (pair of rowers – 500m each)
    • Optional for interested rowers

(For parents who row and are interested, there are Masters categories. See for details!)


The entry fee is $20/rower of which Mercy Crew will be covering $10 and the remaining Rower Cost will be $10.

Please click on the button below to print and fill out the attached payment slip. Please include $10 (cash or checks made payable to Mercy Crew) to cover registration costs.
Return registration slip & payment to the Coaches by Tuesday, March 3.

Shamrock Row 2020 Registration Form


  • Participants are required to fill out the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association Waiver in order to race. This requires a parent signature.
  • Please click on this link BSRA Shamrock Row Waiver to print, complete and bring to the event.
  • Waivers can also be completed by a parent/ guardian at check-in at the event.
  • US Rowing waivers are not required for this event.


  • This is the first event.
  • This category is for female lightweight rowers (in all age groups) with a maximum weight of no more than 130 lbs.
  • There is no weigh in, but rather will be an honor system.


  • For interested rowers in addition to the 2K races.
  • This is a 500m team race.
  • 2 individuals on 2 ergs will have their average 500m splits averaged throughout the duration of the piece to produce an average team boat speed.
  • The 500m end point is determined by the team AVERAGE speed, not any one individual speed.
  • Example race and results:
    • Racer A) Average 500m split = 1:50, Racer B) Average 500m split = 2:10, Team AB boat finish = 2:00


  • Mercy Crew shirt or uni is acceptable to wear during the competition.
  • The Ergatta coordinator also encouraged shamrock themed clothing as an option also!


  • There will be 20 racing ergs and 20 warm up ergs.  There will also be a boat board large projector screen, displaying race progress for each rower!
  • Registrants will receive a free t-shirt!
  • There will be medals awarded!
  • Everyone is expected to stay from 9:00am until the completion of our events to cheer on our teammates.
  • Parents are encouraged to wear their fan wear to cheer the rowers on.  Spectators will be able to watch each event.
  • Try your luck at the 50/50!

Click on the map below for directions


On Sunday March 8, many of our rowers & parents traveled to Buffalo for the Shamrock Row Ergatta! It was a great first event for the Spring Season! We had a wonderful time getting together and cheering each other on during each event!  We are very proud of you all!
I am incredibly proud of how the team performed at the Shamrock Row! Most of the team pulled a PR (personal record) showcasing just how hard we have been training this winter. It was great to see you all support one another, cox each other and cheer each other on! Also a special thank you to all the parents and families who came to support the team!
A big congratulations to our medal winners!
R Green — 3rd in the Novice Event
M Fasano — 2nd in the U17 Event
D Minich — 3rd in the U17 Event
L Sisson — 2nd in the Cox’n Dash
M Fasano & D Minich — 2nd in the Tandem Event
R Green & A Carey — 4th in the Tandem Event
For complete Shamrock Row results, please visit Regatta Central at:
💻  2020 Shamrock Row Results

Shamrock Row 2019 Congratulations!

We are so proud of our Mercy Crew girls on their first indoor ergatta at the Shamrock Row ☘️ on Sunday, March 10, 2019!
There were many 2K improvements and personal records!
Congratulations to all Mercy rowers!

Congratulations to our medalists!
E Daino – 2nd Place, Women’s Jr. Lightweights
E Riggs – 2nd Place, Women’s Jr. Novice
O Momot – 1st Place, Women’s Jr. Novice
C Seeger – 3rd Place, Women’s Junior Open
L Sisson – 2nd Place, Women’s Junior Coxswain Dash
For Final Results on RegattaCentral click here