A week off from school doesn’t mean you should take a week off from training…

Rowers –
We have completed (almost) three weeks of indoor training to get ready for the upcoming spring season but we had several days off due to weather cancellations. This means we are somewhat behind schedule in our training. Now you have a week off from school and a week off from formal practice. In order to maintain any strength and cardio fitness gained over the past three weeks, you need to be sure to exercise during your vacation. Even 20 minutes daily of quality (medium-high to high intensity) interval training will keep you from losing cardio fitness. For better understanding, please read this article: Fitness Takes Hard Work to Gain, But How Fast Does it Fade. To continue to increase your fitness level, you will need to do more. That doesn’t mean however, that you should work super hard every day. Exercise is the stimulus but rest and fuel (good nutrition with the appropriate number of calories) will help you see the most gains in your strength and cardio fitness.

A page for the February Break has been added to the individual athlete Google Training Logs. These workouts will help you improve your core and overall strength which will help you get faster on the erg (and in the boat). They will make it easier to row with good technique and help reduce repetitive use injuries. The coaches are already seeing quite a few athletes with nagging aches and pains – particularly backs. If you have an injury that is preventing you from working out at practice, please address it with a physical therapist or doctor over break. It is better to figure out what is going on sooner, while pain is minimal, than have it grow into a full blown injury that takes you out for the entire spring season.

Cardio workout suggestions are listed on the Instruction page. Erging is an option if you have access to a machine but it isn’t necessary in order for you to gain aerobic fitness. Our main message here is “KEEP MOVING!” Come back to practice after break in better shape than you were before! And… have fun!Exercise with a friend, take advantage of snow sports if you are staying local. If you are going someplace warm, soak up vitamin D from the sun (remember sunscreen) and get in a run, bike ride, swim, etc.

Also, be on the lookout for a page to be added in your log containing links to rowing technique videos. As rowers, you only get to really see what the rowing stroke looks like by watching other boats during regattas, watching your teammates in the tanks on Tuesday nights or watching demonstrations by your coaches. Having a visual image if good technique will make it easier for you to execute the proper stroke. Watch and study the videos!

Have fun over your break! Be active, stay safe, get plenty of rest and fuel your workouts with good nutritious meals.

See you in a week!
Mercy Crew Coaching Staff

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