Week of April 16th- April 22nd

Rower notes:

  1. We are excited to welcome Coach Erin and Coach Ethan to the team this week!
  2. Dress for the weather as it will be cold all week. LAYERS PLEASE
  3. Captains will coordinating big sister little sister after practice Monday from 5:15-5:45
  4. Trailer loading Friday 4/20 3:30-5:45

Parent and Rower notes:

1. Ithaca Inlet Icebreaker Invitational- Sunday April 22nd

  • Team arrival time 7:00am
  • Coaches Coxins meeting 8:00am
  • Line up information will be posted once coaches have had a chance to review lineups with rowers at practice this Monday
  • For directions and venue information please refer to www.regattacentral.com, search for Ithaca Inlet Icebreaker Invitation, all the 2018 information is available now

2. Possible opportunities for Saturday practice on 4/28 and 5/5 if your daughter is available we would love to have some girls get some extra practice opportunities in.

Have a great week,

Coach Adrien


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