Reflections on the season

IThe season is over! For many of you, I’m sure there’s a bit of relief on that account. Time for family, focus on school, and other parts of life not related to Crew.

As a coach, my thoughts go immediately to the season and reflect on it.

There were some disappointments with weather for sure. Head of the Niagara & Wright, and of course this last weekend of Pull the Plug. Not being allowed the opportunity to see your daughters race was honestly a huge disappointment for me. Even though the weather was awful for Schuylkill, I didn’t mind it because I got to see them. For a rower turned coach, there is no greater joy. Your daughters have put in incredible amounts and energy into practices. Is there still room and progress to be made? I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think they are satisfied (shoutout to all my Hamilton-loving rowers) and nor am I as I think that the girls are still learning to tap into their true potential. But that’s what Crew teaches. It’s a sport that is ***based*** on hard work, responsibility, teamwork and fortitude. There are so many life lessons in athletics, and some of the most important ones are learned in high school competing. We had a big team this fall, but there was growth in every single girl. Erg scores got faster yes, but even seemingly “simple” things like loading the trailer and unloading. It takes a lot of responsibility, and teamwork to show so many new girls the “ropes”. Always room for improvement, but strides are made. I hope each girl can look back on the season and think of one (hopefully more!) experiences that had positive influences on them.

But on all these occasions and throughout the season, I want to express my sincerest thanks to the parents who make everyday happen. Without your continued support, it wouldn’t go smoothly. I think this was seen espiecially near the end of the season at Schuylkill with one coach only able to operate at 50%, and how all the parents rose up to help out. The board, Schaertl’s (boat trailer), Rightmyer’s/Trudeau’s (food trailer), McAliney’s (carpool) and so so so many others who drive cars and help with food at regattas—you help to make all the smiles on their faces. So thank you.

Next up: banquet! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday night at the banquet—and then many at winter training! Both Adrien and myself have already been talking and I have several plans already in place. Coach Adrien and myself are looking forward to it! Enjoy this time for family, and remember as we go into this period of remember what we are thankful for, I’ll be thinking about y’all!

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