Big sisters/little sisters

From Captains:

Helen H and Riley F
Mary M and Nina C
Rachel R and Maria G
Bridgit Pand Michaela B/ Emma G
Hannah T and Amelia G
Grace B and Caroline T
Emma D and Holly B
Natalie L and Hannah H
Allorah W and Marigrace U
Olivia A and Marina F
Rachael B and Michaela M
Ava B and Claire M
Fiona C and Megan A
Micaela D and Maggie S
Marlena F and Danielle M
Emily G and Kayla S
Sienna H and Jasmine N
Mackenzie L and Morgan M
Emma M and Sophia T
Erin M and Gabby H
Meghan M and Danae M
Bridey R and Leah S
Olivia S and Elizabeth D
Marlo S and Catlin W
Sara T and Elizabeth A
Emma G and Lanie C
Angelica Z and Natalie G

Please reach out to your little sister this week and ask if there is anything you can do to help or if they have questions. HELP THEM with trailer loading and unloading.

***these extend to families as well….Varsity families, reach out to novice families and pull them into the incredible Mercy Crew Family!

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