Varsity Athlete Seminar

For ***Varsity*** athletes!

Ethan Curren and myself are doing an 4hr session this Saturday….we will be having sign ups tonight at practice and tomorrow: please RSVP by tomorrow 12pm.


Intensive Workshop Session on effective rowing technique for Mercy Crew

2 eights (16-18 rowers, 2 cox’ns) Varsity or experienced novices.

10:30 a.m. start time

Ergs 10:30-11:00

First row 11: -12:15 pm

Break for snack and video review 12:15-1:00

Second row 1-2:30

Athletes should bring snack or light lunch.

Technique focused session.

Topics to include


Recovery and anticipation of front end transition.


Drive: Force generation and sequencing.

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