August 28th Weekly Communications

Reminder: Mandatory Parent Sports Meeting this week August 30th at 7 pm in the Auditorium. Following Sports kick off there will be a Mandatory Crew Parent meeting. All rowers are encouraged to attend.

• Please check the blog on daily during crew season. This is where the coaches will be communicating to rowers and parents.
• You MUST use the no practice link on if your rower will not be at practice.

Practice starts Monday August 28th 3:30-5:45PM AT GWC (carpooling will begin once school starts)
Please wear running shoes, dress for the weather and bring water bottles!

Welcome to Coach Liz Kowalke!
Coach Liz has accepted the position to work with Coach Mark and our Novice Team. Coach Liz has come to Mercy Crew with local coaching experience with Naides, Pittsford Crew, and McQuaid. If you see Coach Liz please make sure you give her a big welcome to the team!

Coach Adrien is Full Time with Mercy Crew! Coach Adrien has accepted a full time coaching position to assist Coach Emily with the varsity team.

Lift Bridge Regatta Fairport September 17
Head of the Genesee October 7/8**
Head of the Niagara Buffalo October 15
Head of the Charles (select boats) October 21/22
Head of the Schuykill Phila PA October 28
Pull the Plug Pittsford NY November 4
**We need parents to help volunteer this weekend it provides $$ back to Mercy Crew for every hour parents help with this Regatta please consider volunteering!!

This is an easy opportunity for funds to go directly to Mercy Crew. All parents from Crew who volunteer, GWC the host will distribute share of the proceeds based on the number of volunteers and the hours put in. Here are the descriptions from Pat Stahl:

“anyone experienced as a launch driver, umpire or Timer gets extra cookies…For those with no experience ..volunteer registration..(checking in volunteers and directing to meetings and positions)..runner(misc. Duties..where we need help)launch dock(keeping dock running smoothly, logging in crews )retrieval dock(keep dock running smoothly)…registration for clubs and teams…weigh in..(weigh in lite weight participants) medals( award appropriate medals to teams and crews)”
Mercy Crew rows Sunday. Saturday volunteers are still needed during college races.
Please contact Pat Stahl at let her know you are signing up as part of Mercy Crew team volunteers.


PARENTS: Without your volunteer help Mercy Crew will not be able to operate. Family schedules are hectic, and we understand but WITHOUT YOUR VOLUNTEER HELP Mercy Crew will not be as successful as we have seen it in the past. You will not be alone! The Board and former committee volunteers will assist you.

Open Novice Volunteer Position – help is needed ASAP:
March 2018 Garage Sale to help out varsity parents Michele Bessette and Debbie Henry
Please contact Andy Ryan at

Crew Moms Michele Begemann and Bridget Antonelli have started a Book Club and want to extend an invitation to any Mom’s interested in joining! A little reading a little beverage and some good conversation! If interested please contact Michele at or Bridget at

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