It’s cold outside…..

….there was even snow on the ground and on cars this morning!

What does this mean? Well it goes without saying, but Coach Mark, myself and the other coaches want to remind you that ***layers*** are a wonderful thing. You can always shed layers as you workout and get warmer, but you need to have those layers to begin with. With the weather getting colder, the sweat will freeze on your body. Even if we are erging (aka winter crew) you should have sweatshirts and sweatpants at your disposal so when your parents pick you up or the moment you get back to the dock, you are *not* outside in shorts and a tank.

This is is an important part of caring for your body, and also allowing it to recover so you can do your best! We do not want to see *anyone* without at least one pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt. Parents–if you have a couple extra seconds, please double check that they have layers!

(Coach Mark and I will always have extra layers for the girls if they need them, but this is for emergencies and we would like the rowers and coxswains to plan as if we do not).

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