Updates – Week of October 16th


  • To the Hospitality team and families Schneider(Castaldo), Seymour, Kammholz, Gottko, Antonelli, and Fornuto’s for their great help with feeding everyone last weekend at Head of the Genesee!
  • Courtney Laffler and the parents who helped at Sticky Lips Wednesday night.
  • Everyone who volunteered at the HOG.  For volunteering your time, Mercy Crew will receive a portion of the proceeds from the Regatta.
  • Beth Patterson for getting the cool pink hats for Crew!


  • With Meredith leaving for graduate school, we will have 2 additional coaches supporting the team in October.  Ethan Curran will be coaching on Tues and Thursdays.  Julie Doyle will be providing assistance on various days.  Adrienn will continue to provide coaching 2 days a week.  With the help of Ethan and Julie, we will have a min. of 3 coaches on the water each day.


  • Maintenance – we need a parent to assist the team with maintenance.  Primary responsibility is winterizing our launch motors.  Rick Seymour has done it for the past few years but will be graduating in June (actually, Allison is graduating!).  Rick would like someone to work with him before winter to learn how we winterize the motors and few other minor tasks to help the team.  Please contact Rick directly or let Tom know if you are able to help.




As part of our rental agreement with GWC we are responsible for removing the docks at the end of the season. Details to follow

HOCR – for those attending HOCR, there will be some separate communications sent regarding arrival times, plans for the weekend, etc.  Current plan is to be on site Friday by 12:30 pm.  Girls will practice the course Friday afternoon.  Saturday will be free with possible team meetings planned Sat night.  Saturday will also be a good time to watch some great races.

This week’s practice

  • Monday October 17 regular practice
  • Tuesday October 18 regular practice
  • Wednesday October 19 (half day at school) practice 12:30-3pm
  • Charles Boats will practice until 3:30pm, go for a quick row and load the trailer
  • Thursday October 20thpractice with Ethan and Adrienn. HOCR boats NO practice
  • Friday October 21 NO PRACTICE

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