Beth Patterson is the Mercy Crew Uniform Coordinator.  She will be at the parent meeting on August 30th with forms and instructions and to answer any questions.


  1. To order uniforms (everything except the UNIs), download the Mercy Crew Uniform Order Form Spring 2017.
  2. To order the UNIs (specifically for the UNIs), download the Mercy Crew Uni Order Form Spring 2017.
  3. Measure your rower using the sizing guide and measuring guide.
  4. Add any optional Official Uniform Apparel or Team Spirit Gear to your order form.  You can view the Official Uniform Apparel and Team Spirit Gear at the Webstore.  Although you can purchase the optional gear directly from the webstore, you will save money if you order with the team’s group order.
  5. To be included in the group order and to ensure having your uniform in time for the season, give the completed order and payment to Beth Patterson as soon as possible.  You can contact Beth Patterson at fanwear@mercycrew.org with any questions.