Welcome to the Mercy Crew Website.   I have recently updated the site and the site has a new look.  Additionally, the site will detect the type of device that you are using to browse the website and modify the site for your phone, tablet or computer.

There is a Search Box on the right side of this page on the computer and at the bottom of the mobile page. By typing the page or content that you are looking for, you can find matches on the site.  For example, if you are looking for the “no practice” link you can find it by clicking quick links at the top of the page or by typing it in the search box.

On the top menu in the typical webpage view, there are several drop down menus that are self explanatory.  On the tablets or phones, look for the menu symbol (parallel horizontal lines) to find the menu.

I’ll plan to post a photo gallery soon and if you have any images that you’d like to have included on the site, send a hi resolution jpeg image to mailto:drbpconn@yahoo.com and reference mercy website photos in the subject line.  If you have a large number of photos and would like access to the media database, I can set you up with access to this.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for me.