NY State Championships Regatta

NY State Championships Regatta
Saturday, May 11 – Sunday, May 12, 2019

Saratoga Rowing Club
Fish Creek
Saratoga Springs, NY

Upcoming this weekend, the New York State Scholastic Championships is held in Saratoga Springs, NY out of Saratoga Rowing Club on Fish Creek at the north end of Saratoga Lake on May 11 & 12. With over 80 New York teams and 550 boats competing, the NY State Championships is one of the largest state championships for rowing.  This regatta is held on Saturday and Sunday and qualifies its fastest crews to the USRowing Youth Invitational Regatta as well as the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championships.

All times are tentative and subject to change


  • 3:30-5:45 pm – Boat De-Rigging & Trailer Loading during Normal Practice Time
  • Before Leaving Mercy – Make sure you have completed your Blue Sheets for school


  • 1:00 pm – Arrival at Race Site – Lee’s Trailer Park, Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs, NY
    • It is approximately a 4 four hour drive, so plan accordingly.
    • We normally park in Trailer Lot B (see map below). There is no rower drop off, if you enter the park you must pay $10 and park.  Rowers are expected to walk to where they need to go.
    • The regatta directors get very angry and will yell at coaches if parents and rowers do not follow these rules for the weekend, especially as you will be wearing Mercy Crew fan wear and the car you get out of has a Mercy Crew sticker!
  • 2:00/ 2:30 – 3:30/ 4:00 pm – Rig Boats & Practice Rows on the Course
    • We will rig quickly and row the course with as close to lineups as possible with the priority being to coxins and rowers who have not competed at States before.  No boats will be allowed to launch after 2:30, course rules.
  • Dinner on your Own/ Small Groups
  • 8:00 pm – Team Meeting Fairfield Inn Hotel Lobby Area
    • We will have Boat Meetings and discuss any last minute information.


  • 5:45 am – Coaches & Coxswains Arrival
  • 6:00 am – Coaches & Coxswains Meeting
  • 7:30 am – Arrival for Junior 8+ A & B and Freshman 4+
  • 8:45 am – Arrival for Varsity 4+ A & B and Novice 8+
  • Boats will launch 30 minutes before their race
  • TIME TRIALS – Bow assignments for the time trial will be seeded randomly
    • 9:31 am – Women’s Junior 8+ A and B
    • 10:41 am – Women’s Freshman 4+
    • 11:44 am – Women’s Novice 8+
    • 12:12 pm – Women’s Varsity (Senior) 4+ A and B
    • 6:14 pm – Women’s Novice 8+  FINAL “B”
    • 6:21 pm – Women’s Novice 8+  FINAL “A”
    • 6:28 pm – Women’s Freshman 4+  FINAL
  • Freshman and Novice rowers and families are dismissed only after the Novice and Freshman equipment is de-rigged and back on the trailer.
  • Brief meeting for rowers racing on Sunday at trailer before heading back to the hotel for the evening.


  • 5:45 am – Coaches & Coxswains Arrival
  • 6:00 am – Coaches & Coxswains Meeting
  • 6:45 am – Arrival for Varsity 4+ A & B
  • 8:15 am – Arrival for Junior 8+ A and B
  • Boats will launch 30 minutes before their race
    • 8:35 am – Women’s Varsity 4+  FINAL “C”
    • 8:42 am – Women’s Varsity 4+  FINAL “B”
    • 8:49 am – Women’s Varsity 4+  FINAL “A”
    • 1:55 pm – Women’s Junior 8+  FINAL “B”
    • 2:02 pm – Women’s Junior 8+  FINAL “A”
  • Load the trailer and return to Rochester.
    • Unload and rig on Monday at practice.
  • All races will be 1,500 meters.
    • All crews will go through a 1500m TIME TRIAL race to qualify for the NYSSRA State Championships. The time recorded for each crew in the TIME TRIAL races will be the official order of finish of ALL crews in the event until the completion of the Grand Final.
    • FINALS will be head to head races 9 lanes across; Lane 0 is for protests. Lane assignments for each sprint race will be determined by the order of finish in the Time Trial Qualification. Lanes will be seeded from Lane 9 to Lane 1.
  • For a variety of information on the NYStates Championship Regatta, including Venue Map, Parking, Course Map, Rules, etc. refer to the following link under Saratoga Rowing:
  • For Schedules, Event & Team Listings and Results, please click on the highlighted links to view them on Streamline Rowing:
  • Scholastic vs Club Team Boats – what’s the difference for qualifying for respective National Regattas?
    • Scholastic Teams: All members of a crew must be enrolled in the same New York State high school and they cannot have graduated with a high school degree prior to the 2018 spring academic year.
    • Club Teams: All members of a crew must be BONA FIDE members of a rowing club located in New York State AND must also be permanent residents of New York State. Members of the crew do not have to all come from one school district, and the specific location of their residence in New York State is not pertinent to their eligibility to compete for their New York rowing club so long as they are all New York State residents.
    • All crews must be identified as either Scholastic or Club during the registration process and that identification cannot be changed after the start of racing.
    • The top 3 Scholastic boats in each category will qualify to advance to the SRAA National Championship Regatta.
    • Medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are given to the top 3 Scholastic boats and the top 3 Club boats in each event.


    • NYSSRA State Championships Qualification Time Trials: All crews will compete in Time Trials on Saturday morning of the regatta. The time recorded in the Time Trial will be the official order of finish of ALL crews in the event until the completion of the Grand Final. The Time Trials will serve as the official Qualifying regatta for the NYSSRA State Championships.
    • Finals: The top 9 times in the time trials will advance to the [A] Final, with the next 9 times advancing to the [B] final, and in the event there are sufficient crews, the next 9 times will progress to the [C] final. Lane 0 will only be used in the event of protests or other extraordinary situations.
    • Final Order of Finish: In all cases, the order and times posted during the Time Trials will be the official order of finish of all crews until the [A] Final for that event has taken place and those results are certified as official. That order of finish will determine the order for bids to both the USRowing Youth National Championships for all crews and to the Scholastic Rowing Association National Championships.
Prior to Friday, please do your Homework and review the Rules, Course Map and Stake Boat Link Video (click on the links below):
– Rowers and Parents are welcome & encouraged to view some of these links as well.


  • You will need your full uniform for the competition, including the Mercy Crew uni, pink sports bra and Mercy Crew pink visor or hat.
  • Everyone should come dressed in warm clothing especially for the early morning, and be sure to have your white long sleeve tech shirt and navy or black leggings if needed and Mercy Crew jacket to stay dry.
  • Bring extra socks, and warm dry layers such as sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants to change into as things get wet or muddy.
  • Bring 2-3 garbage bags to place your bags in to keep them dry and clean at the trailer as it will be muddy and wet.


  • MEALS/ COOKS: We will be providing Breakfast & Lunch for Hospitality at our Hospitality tent on both Saturday and Sunday.
    • Saturday Breakfast (Cooks: Hellstern) – Made to Order Omelettes, Apple Crisp
    • Saturday Lunch (Cooks: Thomas, Rightmyer, Sieber, Mastrosimone, Steron, Riggs) – Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Italian Sausage w/ Peppers & Onions, Pasta Salad, Tossed Salad
    • Sunday Breakfast & Lunch (Cooks: Sieger, Ogden, Refermat, Frey): B: Breakfast Burritos and L: Subs, Salad
    • ALL FAMILIES – If you haven’t done so yet, PLEASE SIGNUP FOR YOUR FAMILY’S MEAL HEADCOUNT ASAP by clicking on the SignUp Genius icon below.
    • Please note there are two separate signup slots – One for Saturday’s meal countand one for Sunday’s meal countPlease be sure to complete each that is applicable to your family, especially important with the Novice and Freshman boats not rowing on Sunday.
    • Food Donations that you originally signed up for and brought this past weekend for Buffalo are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY for the ENTIRE SEASON, including this weekend at States.
    • You will need to bring your donation x2 – enough for both Saturday and Sunday
    • If families are not attending the regatta on Sunday, you should make arrangements to get your donations to the regatta with another family or with your daughter if she is staying without you.
    • Lee’s Park is basically a soggy mess. It has rained most of the days for the past two weeks, and they have 80% rain Wed., showers Thursday, and thundershowers on Friday.  Much of Lee’s Park has been restricted for the regatta’s use.  They will do their best to get everyone space.  Please note, Lee’s owner has determined that there will be ZERO spots on the shoreline for sure. Expect that regatta organizers will be locating almost all team tents back by the ditch area on the maps – near the gravel parking lot.
 NY States Hospitality SignUp
Please contact Hospitality Chairs, Annie Rightmyer or Tina Trudeau with any questions at hospitality@mercycrew.orgMISC TIPS
  • Parents are encouraged to wear their fan wear and to bring your cow bells and noise makes to cheer the rowers on.
  • If you have Binoculars you might find them helpful as the course is very wide and can be hard to see the rowers well or to view the boats approach.
  • You may want to have extra warm dry clothing/ layers and a blanket on hand to keep warm as it is typically a little chillier by the water and wet & muddy at the regatta site.
  • You may want to bring a garbage bag or any large plastic bag or jumbo ziploc to place your bags/ belongings in to keep them dry and clean as it will be very muddy and wet at the regatta.
  • It is highly recommended to WEAR RAIN BOOTS!  IT IS ALREADY VERY MUDDY at the park!
  • INSIDER TIP – REGATTA MERCHANDISE: if you or your daughter is interested in purchasing official NYStates Regatta merchandise, it is advised to visit the merchandise tent earlier in the day as your race time allows on Saturday morning. There are many options but the tent gets very busy in the afternoon and styles and sizes become limited.
  • Remember to bring your Sticky Lips BBQ ticket money to turn into Courtney Laffler by Sunday 5/12.


  • Please refer to the original hotel email referenced by the following link for hotel information:
  • All reservations should have been made in early April.
  • There are several quick restaurants near the hotels including Panera, Duncan Donuts, Subway, McDonalds as well as a Price Chopper grocery store and a CVS pharmacy.


  • Parking is located in the back section of Lee’s Trailer Park, indicated by the larger blue areas in the map below.
  • COST: $10 on Friday & Saturday – CASH ONLY (Exact change helpful)
  • Please have money ready – there are many cars and it is critical that they keep all vehicles moving.  Same Day Return Passes available when EXITING.
  • PLEASE NOTE THEY CANNOT ACCOMMODATE ANY DROP OFFSThere is no stopping, slowing, nothing. If you make the turn into venue, you agree to pay for parking.  Due to the volume of cars, buses, and people drop offs are not permitted per regulations. If you do not want to park or pay, seek alternative areas to drop off athletes. Consider dropping off at Stewart’s, but if you do, please consider making purchases to support the local businesses.
NYStates Championship Regatta Site Map
(Click on the map picture to open in Google Maps)

– Parking indicated by larger Light Blue areas
– Boat Trailer Parking Area indicated in Purple
– Finish Line & Race Course marked by Red Lines

  • Take NYS THRUWAY (Route 90) EAST to Exit 27 – NY-30 toward Amsterdam
  • Take NY-67 E to the Fairfield Inn or Home 2 Suites in Malta
From the Hotels to the Regatta Site, Lee’s Trailer Park:
  • At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto NY-67 E
  • At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Dunning St heading East
  • Continue through next traffic circle and at second traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Plains Rd. Continue for 3.5 mi.
  • Turn right onto Route 9P N and follow it around the lake until you get to the Route 9P bridge and Lee’s Park and the parking lot will be on your right.
Click on the map below for link to Google Maps: