Beverage Instructions

Beverage instructions/recommendations:

  1. Make sure the drink coolers are scrubbed clean, in and out.
  2. Cold drink coolers: Either fill them both with water or bring enough jugs of store-bought water to fill them on-site. Call the Hospitality Trailer coordinators when you arrive at the regatta and we will use the crew wagon to help transport these from your car to the crew tents. *We have the Gatorade mix in the trailer so we will mix it on-site.
  3. Ice cooler: The Crew ice cooler is in the Hospitality trailer.  Ice is one of the items on the Food Donations Signup.  Families bringing ice may ask for access to the Ice Cooler ahead of time.
  4. Hot drink containers: The Crew trailer has 2 coffee makers. Arrange with Hospitality Trailer coordinators in advance to get those if you need them. *Make enough coffee to fill one of the plastic serving containers (the one marked “coffee”). Sometimes when we are at overnight events, the hotel may be kind enough to supply the coffee to fill the container so you may not need to make it. Give them a try. *Fill the other plastic container marked “hot water” with boiling water. We will have hot chocolate, oatmeal, and tea supplies in our trailer. Hot water can be prepared on-site, but it is usually one of the first things needed and boiling the water on-site after set up does take some time.
  5. If we run out of hot or cold water or coffee on-site, we can refill from our supplies.
  6. At the end of the regatta, check in with Hospitality Coordinators to coordinate a time to pass the coffee pots, hot drink containers and cold drink coolers to the cooking crew for the next regatta.
  7. Remember, it is VERY important to get the hot and cold beverages to each regatta very early. The team needs them for hydration, warm-up and cool-down. (The families usually need them first thing as well).

Thank you for your participation.