Team Meeting Wed. Apr. 1 to Check In & Discuss Virtual Workouts

Rowers –
I hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. I hope that you have been keeping up with the workouts and having some fun with them. I also hope that you are continuing to stay in touch. We miss seeing and working with all of you!

At this point, we coaches thought it would be a good idea to have a Team Meeting with all of you to check in and so that we can discuss how we might move forward. I have set up a virtual meeting through Google Meet on Wed. April 1 at 3:30pm. And going forward we would also like to hold Virtual Team Workouts twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30-4:30 via Google Meet beginning this Friday, Apr. 3.

As you may have heard, States and Nationals have both been cancelled. We are holding out hope that we will be able to still get on the water together (when it is safe to do so), even if it is not to compete but just for the love of the sport and to be together as a team. If there are competitions, we will of course participate.

Most importantly, I hope that you are all taking care of yourselves, sleeping, eating healthy and keeping busy. My heart goes out to you all in this difficult time. I am looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

Coach Casey

Wednesday, April 1 at 3:30pm

  • Check In – how is everyone doing?
  • Discuss the season – what we know, what we don’t know, States & Nationals cancellation, etc.
  • How can we move forward despite limitations and cancellations?
  • How have home workouts been going?
  • Will begin Virtual Team Workouts twice/wk – Wednesdays & Fridays. 3:30-4:30.
    • First Virtual Workout will be Friday, Apr. 3 at 3:30
  • Explain the team workouts.
Attached is also a revised Big Sister/ Little Sister List for Spring 2020. I am hoping that refreshing these groups will help you stay even a little more connected. Maybe we can come up with some challenges for you to do “together” (virtually of course).