March 29 Pre-Season Start Communication & Shamrock Row Congratulations

Monday, April 1st we return to the boathouse for the start of the Spring 2019 season!

  • Carpool arrives at the boathouse at 3:30 and practice will start promptly.
  • Please make sure rowers and coxins are dressed for the weather – Layers with long sleeves and pants over shorts and t-shirts.
  • The Coaches are asking all rowers bring a drawstring type bag they can wear on their back.  This is where they will carry their water bottles, tape, etc.  We will no longer leave water bottles, sweatshirts etc on the dock.  This should speed up launch and docking, and limit the amount of misplaced or lost items.
  • Our boats are not rigged, so we will be rigging them. Dust off your 7/16”, 10mm, and ½” wrenches, and 10mm allen keys and bring them to practice with you. We will also organize for the season and take a short row if time allows on Monday.  The rest of the week we will row and work on our lineups.
  • Parents SHOULD NOT park in the lower circle to wait for their rowers when practice ends.  Please use the upper lot in the trees to park and wait for your rower.  You will find this is faster as you won’t be blocked in.

During the spring, Genesee Waterways hosts Pittsford Crew until the canal has enough water for them to use their boathouse.  Their novices will be practicing at the same time as we practice and their varsity will arrive when we leave.  The novices have 4 eights worth of rowers, so pick-up time will be very hectic.

New this season, Brighton Crew will be now be rowing out of Genesee Waterways.  This will be their new home going forward.  Their practice starts at 4pm and ends at 6pm.  They have a small crew, but this will also add to the number of kids rowing at GWC.  The boathouse is a shared space and we are all expected to fully communicate with the other teams and be courteous.

The bathroom door will be unlocked from the outside to accommodate the increased foot traffic of the boathouse.  Our Dock Parents will be key to helping us monitor this space.  Please sign up to help if you are available! See separate email for further details and SignUp Genius link.

Baldwinsville Scrimmage is a go for Saturday, April 6th!  We have confirmation that their water is open and ready for rowing.  Due to other racing on their water that day, our scrimmage start time will be 12 noon.  Coaches are still working out the trailer plans.  Once these are established, we will be able to provide you with our full schedule for loading day and the day of the scrimmage.  A separate email will be sent with all the scrimmage details early next week.

Remember attendance is mandatory and key for success this season.  Please make sure rowers are attending daily.  Stable lineups can only occur with regular daily attendance!

The coaches are so excited to start the spring season.  We are so thankful for all the hard work of the rowers and the parents.  We are especially thankful to all the parents who keep this team running.  Rowing is such a wonderful sport, it’’s so special, and getting out on the water and participating in race season is like Christmas for rowers!

Thank you,
The Coaches

Go Mercy!

A little pre-season inspiration from this breathtaking video from University of Virginia Women’s Rowing and row2k –
This is what it’s all about….

Shamrock Row Congratulations!

We are so proud of our Mercy Crew girls on their first indoor ergatta at the Shamrock Row ☘️ on Sunday, March 10!
There were many 2K improvements and personal records!
Congratulations to all Mercy rowers!
Congratulations to our medalists!
Emma Daino – 2nd Place, Women’s Jr. Lightweights
Emily Riggs – 2nd Place, Women’s Jr. Novice
Olivia Momot – 1st Place, Women’s Jr. Novice
Christine Seeger – 3rd Place, Women’s Junior Open
Leah Sisson – 2nd Place, Women’s Junior Coxswain Dash
For Final Results click here