Garage Sale Volunteer Sign Up

The Mercy Garage Sale is a major fundraiser for us that requires “ALL HANDS ON DECK” to make this a successful sale! All rowers and as many parents as possible are expected to help with the sale in some way. Please be available Friday, March 1st through Saturday, March 2nd.

Set up will be on Friday immediately after school and continue until 9:30 PM, then on Saturday, the day of the sale, there will be morning shifts and afternoon shifts which are broken down further into segments so that job details and the day in general will not be as tedious.  Please sign up for at least 1-2 shifts.

Please click on the Sign Up Genius button below to sign up to volunteer.

SETUP FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 3/1/19 ~ 3:30 pm  – pizza will be provided during the dinner hours of the setup

We begin set up. We need parents to help with this as well. Many parents cannot arrive until after work and that is understandable. Cars will be lining up alongside the Gallery to drop off items, we will have people unloading cars with deliveries/donations. When unpacking boxes, place items on the table near the sign that best meets its category (small appliances, books, crafts, sport equipment, glassware, clothing, etc.).


Miscellaneous Tasks While Volunteerring at the Sale:

  • The girls are encouraged to be helpful and/or engage customers and to ASSIST THEM in carrying around armfuls of items they want to purchase.
  • Help carry purchased items to customer’s car (done in pairs …not alone).
  • Check and maintain various other tables during the sale (keep sporting equipment together; check glassware area and keep set of dishes and glasses together, if something is broken throw it out; check tables for “restocks” to their proper table as often people decide they don’t want something and will set it down anywhere.  Please keep replenishing from boxes stored under the tables.
  • It would be appreciated if parents could stay to help while your daughter is working her shift, especially at check-out.

By 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, regardless of shifts, it’s “ALL HANDS ON DECK” (or at least as many people available as possible) to help clean up the gym. When we leave the gym on Saturday, we cannot leave anything behind… EVERYTHING has to be out. We will be loading a truck with leftovers for Salvation Army.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Mercy Crew!

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