Expectations Winter 2k18-Spring 2k18

Coaches Expectations:

  • ASK QUESTIONS….be vocal! Rowing is a very challenging sport and we are all always learning! Don’t be afraid to ask something.
  • Swearing will not be tolerated while representing OLM rowing and should be avoided even while not in OLM gear
  • Athletes should remember they are representing the school and team whenever they are in public, whether they are wearing gear or not.
  • Respect the facilities being used (school, PIRC and Boathouse) (No trash left around, respect classmates at school, our area is clean/presentable and other teams etc)
    • Please treat all equipment with respect, and remember that during winter training we are guests of the school.
  • Equipment will be treated with the utmost care and respect (focus will be on taking care of the jobs that need to be done before chatter etc)
    • Particularly equipment we borrow from the school like in the weight room
  • Athletes will not use their phones during practice except with permission from Coach Emily (phones will be put in safe box at beginning of practice which coaches and captains will be in charge of….NO EXCEPTIONS)
    • They may be used for music during erg pieces, but not texting etc
  • Absences, need to leave early or lateness should be sent in via email notification (lineups are made the day before so unless sick, late notifications will not be OK…be respectful toward your teammates) otherwise known as the nopractice link…. Deadline is still by NOON of the day missed (but it would be appreciated to know as early as possible/days before)
    • Even though we are not on the water until March, please get in the habit of using the nopractice link
  • Athletes should try to get to practice as soon as possible, so please make it to carpool from school quickly!
    • We are in the school until March, so this will not be an issue
  • When arriving at practice, they should be in rowing clothes and helping out—(no more chit-chatting in the bathrooms….you can do that when you’re taking oars out)
    • Please stay out of the way of the track&field team while they are running! Get ergs and any equipment out immediately! That way we can start practice promptly and get to work immediately
  • RESPECT, loyalty, personal responsibility and dedication in addition to hard work given to your teammates and yourselves is most important
  • It’s okay to be competitive….but in doing so, don’t bring your teammates downSupport, cheer and congratulate fellow teammates. (tip: if you want to get faster, sit next to someone who is going to challenge you…coaches do notice these things)
  • Bullying will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances
    • This includes cyberbullying (….texting falls under this too)
    • Please contact your coaches immediately
  • Coaches would like to know about any concerns or issues athletes are having, health etc
  • If it is about lineups, please use the 24hour rule
  • Erg tests will be made up within the week
    • If Coach Emily doesn’t get your erg score, it will be as if it doesn’t exist and they are an aspect of boatings…so make sure it’s written down
  • WHEN WE GET TO WATER: Varsity Athletes (including coxswains)
    • Athletes will immediately take oars, launches and water bottles down to the water (captains will get gas….lolly-gagging is a big no-no! Many hands make light work)….if indoors, get ergs out before practice start time
    • will run *together* before practice for 10mins followed by 5mins core and 5mins dynamic stretching (alternative workout on erg will be provided if athlete has injury)
    • Gather around pre-launch and post-practice for QUICK team meeting unless otherwise specified….you are not dismissed to leave until we have post-practice meeting
    • There will be NO standing around when there is work to do! (coaches will do burpee/push-ups)
  • Athletes will be quiet in boathouse when coxswain takes boats out. Chatter will be left on the dock!
  • Please remember that lineups are made on a variety of factors, both for regattas and practice days (i.e. someone doesn’t show up) but your goal is to make every boat as fast as you can….THAT is how you stand out.
  • HAVE FUN! (smileeeeee checks)



Athletes were required to fill out a Code of Conduct at the beginning of the semester, and coaches want these expectations ALSO noted:

Rower Expectations

Participation in Mercy Crew is both a privilege and a responsibility. Rowers at all times represent Our Lady of Mercy High School as well as Mercy Crew, and are therefore expected to follow the requirements and code of ethics set forth in the Our Lady of Mercy High School Student-Athlete Handbook, and the Mercy Crew, Inc. Statement of Expectations for Rowers (Appendix A). Mercy Crew will not tolerate any misconduct by the rowers, including any conduct that includes:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Hazing
  • Emotional misconduct
  • Physical misconduct

Appendix A Statement of Expectations for Rowers

Participation in Mercy Crew is both a privilege and a responsibility. Rowers earn recognition for their achievements as representatives of their school, team, and the community. Though a separate organization, Mercy Crew is sanctioned by Our Lady of Mercy High School and rowers at all times represent Our Lady of Mercy High School as well as Mercy Crew. Rowers are expected to follow the requirements and code of ethics set forth in the Our Lady of Mercy High School Student-Athlete Handbook as well as comply with established team rules, procedures, and instructions of the coaches and the following Statement of Expectations for Rowers.

  • It is expected that a rower will attend all scheduled practices and regattas in their entirety. Absences dictated by academic requirements are understood, but rowers should otherwise plan schedules around practice and regatta times. Absences can affect more than just one boat. Rowers are not guaranteed a seat in the boat and must earn the right to row at regattas. Advance notice of absences should respectfully be made in writing, time permitting, requesting permission for the absence as soon as the rower becomes aware of a conflict.
  • If a rower has more than three (3) unexcused absences from practice, the coaching staff may remove that rower from the team for that season. An unexcused absence is defined as an absence that occurs without prior notification to the coaching staff. The notification process is outlined in the “Missing Practice” section of Rower Expectations.
  • All rowers are expected to remain at practices and regattas until dismissed by their coach.
  • Rowers should report daily, prepared for practice. Weather appropriate clothing (for both land and water practice) should be worn.
  • Rowers are expected to treat the equipment with respect and handle all equipment carefully.
  • Rowers are expected to maintain the boathouse and property; personal items will be picked up daily.
  • Rowers are not to bring cell phones in the boat.
  • Rowers are expected to completely clean their site at all regattas.
  • All rowers are responsible for de-rigging and loading the trailer prior to regattas and unloading and re-rigging the boats after regattas.
  • Rowers are expected to stay at a regatta and actively participate in de-rigging and loading until the trailer is fully loaded and ready to depart and the coach has dismissed the team.
  • Rowers are expected to be in uniform at regattas. If the rower wishes to remove the shoulder straps of her uniform, she should wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Walking around in a sports bra is not considered appropriate attire.
  • Rowers are expected to participate in scheduled Boathouse workdays.
  • It is expected that rowers will participate in team fundraising that are planned as group activities.
  • Rowers are expected to advocate for themselves. If rowers have questions about workouts and boat lineups or have other concerns, they should speak with their coach. All written communication between a rower and a coach will include another coach.
  • Rower will not use cell phones, cameras, computers or other electronic devices in a manner which violates the privacy of others, or for any purpose other than that for which they are intended.
  • Rowers will not use Internet blogs or websites, instant messaging, personal pages (such as MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter) or email to violate the privacy of others, or to make disparaging statements about others, including coaches and other members of Mercy Crew.
  • As a team sport, the primary focus of Mercy Crew is on developing and preparing rowers for participation in multiple-rower team events.   Further, rowers should expect that regatta entries and scrimmages will be based on equipment under ownership of Mercy Crew, Inc. Requests by rowers or the parents of rowers to use boat types that differ from those owned by Mercy Crew, Inc. will not be considered for reasons of fairness and liability.

Coaches have the authority to suspend an athlete temporarily for displaying behavior that violates the Our Lady of Mercy High School Student-Athlete Handbook and this Statement of Expectations or when the athlete’s safety or safety of others requires such actions. The athlete’s parents will immediately be notified upon such action. Consequences for inappropriate behavior or behavior which is dangerous to oneself or others in violation of the Code can result in a suspension ranging from one race to one year based on the nature and level of severity as determined by the crew coaches. Permanent removal from the team may occur only after consultation with the Board of Mercy Crew.

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