Session II: please have & bring to first day

ALL rowers (varsity & novice) must have a composition notebook like below. Coach Adrien and myself will be doing FMS testing week one to help target each athletes’ “weakest” links and build them into their strongest—this is to help them succeed both in rowing and life. They will be used to record erg workouts and weight-room workouts. This is also to help the ladies see improvements they’ll be making throughout the season!

These notebooks can be found for $.25-$1.00 at various stores.

Coach Emily purchased some for the following girls enrolled in session one so they will already have a copy: Maggie S, Lizzie A, Christine S, Marina F, Sophia T, Gabby H, Danae M, Caroline H, Caitlin W, Maria G, Morgan M, Michaela M, Hannah H, and Leah S.

Additionally, Coach Emily has arranged for a Breathe yoga instructor to attend practices bi-weekly. Between this and the circuits we are doing every day, we are asking that all girls ask for a yoga mat for Christmas….you can get them between $10-$50 depending on quality.

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