Lineups for HoG


  • Coxswains + Varsity 8+: by 7:45am
  • C&C: 8am (scullers welcome)
  • All Varsity: 8am
  • All Novice: by 11am

PLEASE NOTE: there will be a lot of traffic, and parents will not be allowed to park in GWC lot. Please give yourself an extra 15mins

Departure is not allowed until all races for the day  are over. Regattas are an all day event. 

Event 11: Womens HS 1V 8+
Bow #: 91 Bridgit P, (from bow to stern) Emma D, Angelica Z-B, Rachael B, Mary M, Meghan M, Micaela D, B, Olivia S Vita w/ white blue skinnys
Event 28: Womens HS 4x
Bow #: 186 (from bow to stern) Natalie L, Emma M, Sara T, Grace B  Flying Dutch w/ C2 Skinnys
Event 30: Womens HS 2V/3V 8+
Bow #: 193 Hannah T, (from bow to stern) Marlena F, Olivia A, Alorah W, Marlo S, Mackenzie L, Sienna H, Ava B, Erin M  Vita w/ Team America skinnys
Event 32: Womens HS 1V 4+
Bow #: 219 Emily G, (from bow to stern) Rachael B, Micaela D, Bridey R, Olivia S  Hudson with white blue skinnys
Event 33: Womens HS 2V/3V 4+
Bow #: 226 Entry A: Emma G, (from bow to stern) Mackenzie L, Erin M, Meghan M, Mary M  A: Grace w/ blue white skinnys
Bow #: 231 Entry B: Amelia G, (from bow to stern) Emma G, Sara T, Emma M,  Helen H,  B: Kosanke w/ yellow blue skinnys
Event 34: Womens HS Ltwt 4+
Bow #: 233 Entry A: Hannah T, (from bow to stern) Emma D, Sienna H, Ava B, Angelica Z-B  Avalei w/ yellow blue skinnys
Event 37: Womens HS 2x
Bow #: 252 & 317 Entry A: Olivia A, Fiona C

Entrey B: Marlena F, Emily G

 A: Double Trouble w/ C2 skinnys

B: GWC 2x w/ Mercy 2x

Event 45: Womens HS Novice 8+
Bow #: 290 Entry A: Emma G, (from bow to stern) Holly B, Leah S, Kayla S, Beth D, Danielle M, Caitlin W, Elizabeth A, Morgan M  A: SS w/ Team America
Bow #: 299 Entry B: Amelia G, (from bow to stern) G, Riley F, Lanie C, Danae M, Michaela M, Margaret S, Marigrace U, Maria G  B: GWC LWT 8+ w/ yellow tape


C: Tica w/ no tape

Bow #: 300 Entry C: Claire M, (from bow to stern) Sophia T, Marina F, Michaela B, Megan A, Nina C, Jasmine N, Caroline T, Natalie G

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