Trailer Unloading Saturday

We will be loading the trailer at practice  Friday. Practice will go until 5:45pm. Parents, IMPORTANT to not pull cars down around the circle, as the boats will be there.

Arrival on course Saturday: 2pm

  • rig boats and Row course
  • pick-up is approx 5pm

Course location:

1399 Fairport Road
Fairport, NY 14450 (behind AMF Bowling on Route 31)

SUNDAY PLAN as of 9/10

Coxswains arrival: 6:15am

Coaches and Coxswains meeting: 6:30am

Rowers arrival: 6:45am

Everyone must remain at regatta until conclusion late Sunday afternoon and only when the coaches dismiss them.

For new families: this is after the trailer is re-loaded. If medals are earned, they are done at the end of the day with the entire team.

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