Liftbridge: Varsity Lineups


Please note that these are always changing and could change at any point this week or the day of. This is the first regatta of the season, so a lot of these are mixed and trying new things out. Please remember that line-ups are determined a variety of ways including but not limited to: technique, erg score, sportsmanship, work ethic, etc. Come to practice every day ready to work hard and have fun! Let’s go fast this season and have FUN!!!

Event 10


(c) Bridgit P (stroke) Olivia S (7) Bridey R (6) Micaela D (5) Meghan M (4) Angelica ZB (3) Rachael B (2) Mary M (bow) Emma D

Vita w/ yellow-blue

Event 11


(c) Hannah (stroke) Fiona C (7) Ava B (6) Marlo (5) Mackenzie (4) Sienna H (3) Alorah W (2) Olivia A (bow) Marlena F

Salzler Sweep w/ white-blue


(c) Amelia (stroke) Erin M (7) Natalie L (6) Sara T (5) Emma M (4) Helen (3) Grace (2) Emma G (bow) Emily G

Spirit w/ Team America

Event 31

Varsity 4+

(c) Emily G (stroke) Olivia S (3) Bridey R (2) Micaela D (bow) Rachael B

Hudson w/ white-blue

Event 32


(c) Hannah T (stroke) Mary M (3) Meghan M (2) Erin M (bow) Mackenzie L

Avalei w/ white-blue

Event 33:

LWT 4+


(c) Bridgit (stroke) Angelica ZB (3) Ava B (2) Sienna H( bow) Emma D

Kosanke w/ yellow-blue


(c) Amelia (stroke) Marlo (3) Emma G (2) Olivia A (bow) Helen H

Peartree w/ yellow-blue

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