SAT/ACT Study classes

Tutor: Leah Farrar

  • Graduate Magna Cum Laude from St. Lawrence University ’11 with a B.A. in English and Fine Arts
  • Graduate of George Washington Law School ’16 and member of the Bar
  • Has helped multiple individuals study for standardized who have raised their grades significantly

Teaching structure:

Next test is Oct 7th–5 weeks if I start next week.

Instead of open ended classes like last year, this time I want to run it like a scheduled 5-week session. Each week we will cover a different part of the test in-depth, analyzing that part of the test, going over common question types and how to approach them, and then doing some practice problems.  The last 15 minutes of each session focused on Q&A for any question (doesn’t have to be about that week’s topic). The final review day will be the week of the test and will be open review of the whole test and any questions the kids want to go over.

The weeks will be as follows:
1st week: reading comp
2nd week: math
3rd week: writing
4th week: essays
5th week: review


Sign-up: email + put your name here:


$90 a kid for all five weeks (that is about $18 a session).

However, if a student can’t make all five but still want to come to some weeks they can chose to pay $20 a week, but I’ll need them to decide which weeks they are coming first and still pay up front (last year I had some kids some weeks then others other weeks and it got super confusing). So a kid can come to just one week*, or to four, or to all five, their choice, I just need to know who to expect and when. Part of that is also to insure that kids will be there when I show up–if no one registers for a week by the start of the 5-week session, I’ll assume that week is canceled and will not show up myself lol. Ideally I’d like to have at least three kids there each day.

*To come to the final review week the student needs to have come to at least one other session.

(Also, can you clarify with the parents of Mercy is giving the kids SAT books again this year? That will help me plan lessons.)


What about the November or December tests?

The October test is usually the biggest one, so that is what I’m working off of. However, if most of the kids are planning on taking the November or December test instead we can reorient the 5-weeks to that test. If only a few are taking the later tests they are welcome to come to the September session, and then if they want more review I can work with them to extend the lessons later.


What if I register for all 5 weeks but only show up for 4? Or if I register for 4 weeks but only come for 3?

Classes are generally non-refundable. The exception is that if you have a serious reason (medical emergency, death in the family) I will try and either schedule a makeup or refund that week. However, if you don’t make it that week for other issues the fee is forfeit.

What if I register for weeks 1, 3, and 5 but I want to change to weeks 1,4, and 5?

I prefer people don’t switch, as any prep materials will be made for the number of students scheduled to be there. However, as long as the class hasn’t been canceled for non-attendance that day (I’ll let people know at the start of the session if it has) AND they inform me 24 hrs in advance then that’s fine.

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