Moonlight Row and VoteTilla

WE HAVE AT LEAST 19 GIRLS COMING tomorrow night for the Moonlight Row!!! This is going to be so so so much fun!!! I’ll be getting glow sticks for the girls to where on their arms! Girls are ALWAYS welcome to join though.


DETAILS and update on the VoteTilla!

I’ve spoken with the director of the Flotilla, the lock Masters etc and we have a planned ironed out. So here’s the basis of it:

Boat loading (plus launch) onto Trailer: Thursday, 5pm
Meet at Pittsford Boathouse: 7:30am
Launch: 8:15am rowing up into Pittsford to meet the Flotilla and our grand entrance!
Then we’ll head down the canal LEADING the boats and through Locks 32 + 33!

I need a minimum of 6 rowers (so we can switch in and out) but would prefer to have an 8s worth of ladies with two extras in the launch to rotate in.

I’ll figure out lunch etc, as this will likely go until noonish! Please add your name under here!

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