World Record Alert!!

World record alert!!!!!!

Senior Megan and Junior Bridey did a 24hour row for their motto project to help raise money for Rochester Inclusive Rowing.

Rochester Inclusive Rowing runs on the backs of a few local rowers, who saw a need to provide opportunities to members of the community who needed adaptive costly Rowing gear. On their website, they say “…RCiR works to create inclusive opportunities in the sport of rowing in the greater Rochester are by developing and delivering programs in rowing instruction and adaptive equipment to people with barriers to the sport.”

Along with Seniors Ally and Izzy, Sophomore Olivia, and Alum Mary did this in the Our Lady of Mercy School Galleria, while their teacher Mrs. Barbero did a steady-state straight 24hrs to help support them as well (also setting a World Record)! Each girl rowed in shifts overnight, taking turns to sleep and rest before switching……and managed to set a world record in the process!! They did so in the Small Team Open Women U-19 category.

These ladies combined their love of rowing with their senior project, making a fun but challenging experience to help inspire younger female athletes in the sport, and the future of Mercy Crew. This is a perfect example of  how Mercy Crew wants their athletes to be strong women not just on the water, but also in the community.

“We want to thank everyone for their support and contribution. We’re really excited to have been able to help such an amazing program.” ~Megan on behalf of both she and Bridey.

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