Ergathon for Rochester Inclusive Rowing


My daughter, Megan K, a Senior at OLM, is required to do a senior project that can impact someone’s life for the better or make a difference in the world ~ it’s called a Motto Project. (Attached is her flyer she sent out… this is one I’m sending on her behalf)

Rowing is her passion and she enjoyed witnessing rowing become the passion and life-changing experience to many handicapped or disabled folks who she’s cheered on and interviewed at regattas from Rochester, Buffalo, Boston and Philadelphia. She has chosen that her Motto project be to help the Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing branch raise money for their much-needed boathouse.

She, and a friend, have organized a 24-HOUR ERGATON (keeping several rowing machines moving for 24 hours straight) and they need participants (rowers) and/or sponsors and/or donations!!!

All proceeds:

1) are tax deductible

2) go directly to RCIR



Our Lady of Mercy High School @ 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY


Saturday, January 7 (8 am – 9:30 pm) and Sunday, January 8 (6 am – 8 am)


Some RCIR testimonies:

“It’s given me my life back” – Jenn (MS)

“Way to shut off your mind… everything fades away” – RJ (US Marine)

“It’s the only place I’m treated like a person and not a patient” – Anonymous


Anything you can do to help support by either rowing (for a $10 participation fee) and/or sponsoring her, would be greatly appreciated by her and would help make a difference in the lives of many who find peace on the water.

Checks can be made out to: Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing

This is getting the attention of some local TV reporters and may be televised!! You can say you helped out!!!

CONTACT: e-mail or

OR Coach Emily and she will direct concerns or questions onward to people in charge.

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