Practice today and Wednesday (Charles)

Clear up any and all confusion: practice today for those who can make it is 12:30. When we scheduled practice today, Mark and I were told that it was half day of school so we were trying to make carpool easier for parents etc.  But we just learned on Wednesday that this is not the case. However we will still have practice 12:30-3pm. If thengirls can get a ride to practice, we would love to see them, but if it is too hard because of car arrangements etch, do not worry. I WILL STAY AS LONG AS NEED BE for parents to pick up rowers!

Practice for Monday and Tuesday is regular time.

Practice for Wednesday is 12:30-3pm as we have been informed that its a half day. Charles boats will practice until 3:30pm, as we will go for a quick row and then load the trailer.

Thursday 10/20 practice will be run with Ethan and Adrian, and there will be NO PRACTICE on Friday 10/21

THIS WEEKEND there will be Charles Practices from 7am-9am on both Saturday and Sunday. I want the girls to be able to row as much as possible. The Charles girls will not have practice on Thursday as some are traveling

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