Congratulations to all and THANK YOU

img_6770Congratulations to ALL our athletes yesterday! Coach Mark and I are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. You all raced hard and well–the speed is clearly there and seeing you all jump into it and race such a long course (most of you twice) made me giddy with happiness.

The passion and love for this sport across the board from all of you is the best part. Seeing two of our varsity girls’ jump in the 2x for a surprise second race and doing so well? Their happiness at that opportunity is why we row! We do it for the love of each stroke we take, working with our teammates toward something bigger then ourselves. Placing well and getting a medal is wonderful and a great bonus; but don’t lose sight of the joy of rowing. Continue to work hard and I promise, you will see the results! But always have FUN and know that your coaches are very proud of you.

Coach Mark and I also want to extend our sincere thanks to all the parents who offered so much support and food, Coach Adrien and our wonderful athletes who helped and supported their teammates! We could NOT do it without any of you….

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