Head of the Genesee Lineups

WONDERFUL JOB this past weekend at Mohawk Fall Classic. The support you offered your fellow teammates in launching, catching, loading and unloading and the racing made both Coach Mark and myself incredibly proud of all of you. That is some of the toughest competition in the State, and you all handled yourselves well. We got a ton of compliments from the crews there. You put your hearts into every stroke. Now we see where we are in comparison to the rest of the state (even brought home some bling!), and for the last month of the season and this winter, we can work extra hard to make ourselves as strong as we can. I promise we will have fun doing so! But first–we have some of the biggest races of the season!

Special thanks to our parents for all the work they did this past weekend to help us….particularly with the trailer on the way home! Make sure you thank your parents if you have not already.

Here are the lineups for this coming weekend for our home regatta! Please get yourselves healthy and in the right mindset for it. Remember, how you prep yourselves before a regatta (rest, stretching, food etc) will show how successful you are!

Event 24: Women’s Varsity 8+

Varsity 8: (c) Colleen (stroke) Meghan S (7) Megan K (6) Olivia S (5) Bridey (4) Ally (3) Meghan M (2) Rachel R (bow) Ava

2nd Varsity 8: (c) Bridget (stroke) Emma D (7) Mary (6) Rachel B (5) Marissa (4) Lily (3) Fiona (2) Marlo (bow) Olivia A

3rd Varsity 8: (c) Helen (stroke) Grace (7) Marlena (6) Nicole (5) Natalie (4) Maddie (3) Gabby (2) Emily D (bow) Emily G

Event 35: Women’s Varsity LWT 4+

Varsity LWT 4: (c) Colleen (stroke) Meghan S (3) Megan K (2) Ally (bow) Ava

2nd LWT 4: (c) Emily G (stroke) Emma D (3) Angelica (2) Lily (bow) Fiona

Event 36: Women’s Varsity 4+

Varsity 4+: (c) Helen (stroke) Rachel R (3) Rachel B (2) Mary (bow) Marissa

2nd Varsity 4+ (c) Hannah (stroke) Marlo (3) Nicole (2) Maddie (bow) Emma

Event 38: Women’s Varsity 2x

Varsity 2x: (stroke) Bridey (bow) Olivia

2nd Varsity 2x: (stroke) Meghan S (bow) Megan K

Event 41: Women’s Novice 8+

Novice 8+ (c) Bridget (stroke) Sienna (7) Meghan M (6) Erin (5) Alorah (4) Cari (3) Mackenzie (2) Sara (bow) Emma M

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