Mohawk Fall Classic Regatta Lineups

Hey all!

Here are both the Varsity and Novice lineups. Please note that they are up for minor changes over the next few days. You have all done a great job of supporting one another during a stressful couple weeks and I’m excited to see everyone race this weekend. Let’s keep the momentum that we started at Liftbridge up, and keep it going!

Event 9: Junior Girl’s 4x

(Stroke) Fiona, (3) Natalie, (2) Olivia A, (Bow ) Lily

Event 11: Junior Girl’s 4+

4a: (coxswain) Colleen, (Stroke) Meghan S, (3) Megan K, (2) Ally, (Bow) Emma D

4b: (coxswain) Helen, (stroke) Rachel R, (3) Meghan M, (2) Maddie, (bow) Emma G

4c: (coxswain) Emily G, (stroke) Marissa, (3) Marlena, (2) Marlo, (bow) Emily D

Event 14: Junior Girl’s 2x 

(stroke) Bridey, (bow) Olivia S

Event 16: Junior Freshman/Novice Girl’s 8

(Coxswain) Sara, (stroke) Sienna, (7) Ellie, (6) Erin, (5) Alorah, (4) Cari, (3) Mackenzie, (2) Olivia A, (bow) Emma

Event 22: Junior Girl’s 8+

8a: (coxswain) Bridget, (stroke) Ally, (7) Ava, (6) Rachel R, (5) Rachel B, (4) Marissa, (3) Mary, (2) Lily, (Bow) Fiona

8b: (coxswain) Hannah, (stroke) Grace B, (7) Marlena, (6) Marlo, (5) Natalie, (4) Maddie, (3) Gabby, (2) Emily D, (bow) Emily G


Those are the lineups for this weekend! This is good competition this weekend. Get ready to race hard and fast! Please please please get SLEEP and wash your hands!

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