Big Sisters and Little Sisters

Hi everyone, just so everyone remembers who their little sister and big sister is here is a list of the groups:

  1. Colleen, Bridgit, Hannah, Helen
  2. Grace G, Marlena F, Ellie M
  3. Rachel B, Maddie M, Emma D
  4. Ava B, Olivia A, Mackenzie L
  5. Gabby, Emily G, Emma G
  6. Meghan S, Angelica, Caroline L
  7. Marlo, Lily Z, Erin M
  8. Ally S, Meghan M, Sienna H
  9. Mary M, Natalie L, Emily D
  10. Marissa,  Nicole S, Fiona, Sara T
  11. Megan K, Olivia S, Emma M
  12. Bridey, Rachel R, Allorah

We will be in these groups for the first de-rigging day so the big sisters can teach the little sisters how to de-rig. And the day before regattas try to put something on your little sister’s locker at school. Little sisters can do this for their big sister as well. Thanks!

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