State Champions all around

CONGRATS to the Novice 8, LWT 8+ and course, Junior 4+!!! You all had great races this weekend. Looking forward to the next step with the LWT8+ and Junior 4+: Scholastic Nationals!

In my mind though, every single one of you was a State Champion. Every individual contributed to the success of the team. That’s what makes a team functional, and what truly allows those individuals the opportunity. The medal can be worn by ALL of you. I can’t tell you the amount of pride that was going through me watching EACH of you race. Across the board, you all showed how much heart and fight you have in you.

Back in September, Meghan Musnicki talked to you ladies about rising above failure. I think this weekend taught you all a lot about just how much you are capable of, but most importantly, each of you came from adversity and shone through. Every one of you, novice and varsity, had some bump in the road. But you all said “okay, this happened, what are we going to do now?” to have spectacular races that made your parents beam (and cry!) on the sidelines. I hope they also made you realize just what you can and are going to do in life. Never ever ever ever give up. You’re ten times stronger then you realize.

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, siblings, family and friends who made this weekend such a success. Mercy Crew is one huge family of incredible individuals!

One weekend of racing left….Pittsford Regatta and Scholastic Nationals!!! More details will come out soon on how both events will maneuvered through to provide your daughters with more racing! For now, no practice Monday, rigging and working out on Tuesday, back on the water on Wednesday!!

Finally, happy Mother’s Day!

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