John Bennett Regatta Line-ups and Arrival Times

Coxswains Arrival: 7:15am.

Whole Team: 7:30am

Coaches and Coxswains meeting: 7:30am.

First race for us: Approx~ 9:50am

Event #8: Women’s HS Novice 8+

“A”: (c) Reilly, (stroke) Sienna, (7) Erin, (6) Maggie, (5) Alorah, (4) Christine, (3) Mackenzie, (2) Sara, (bow) Emma M

“B”: (c) Megan G, (stroke), Annika, (7) EmmaKate, (6) Morgan, (5) Caroline, (4) Lizzie, (3) Emi, (2) Leah (bow) Lauren

Event #10: Women’s HS Varsity 2x

(stroke) Grace (bow) Natalie

Event #12: Women’s HS LWT Varsity 8+

(c) Colleen, (stroke) Meghan S, (7) Megan K, (6) Angelica, (5) Meghan M, (4) Ally, (3) Emma D, (2) Olivia A, (bow) Ava

Event #14: Women’s HS JV 4+

(c) Bridgit, (stroke) Olivia S, (3) Bridey, (2) Rachel R, (bow) Rachael B

Event #16: Women’s Varsity 4x

(stroke) Olivia A (3) Megan G (2) Emily G (bow) Marlena

Event #18: Women’s HS Novice 4+

(c) Reilly, (stroke) Sienna, (3) Erin, (2) Alorah, (bow) Emma M

Event #20: Women’s HS Varsity 4+

(c) Helen, (stroke) Micaela, (3) Izzy, (2) Marissa, (bow) Mary

Please remember that all line-ups are subject to change.

Final races to follow in the afternoon depending on morning time trial results. Top 3 to finals for novice events. Top 4 to finals for varsity events.

We will go to GWC boathouse immediately after racing to unload trailer and rig for Monday’s practice. Due to States being the following weekend, coaches want to utilize practice time as much as possible.


PLEASE NOTE: Weather for Sunday is calling for lows in the 30s, highs in the 40s with wind and potential rain. Please pack several extra pairs of clothing and many layers! Socks, gloves and hats should be worn as well. It is important that we stay warm and healthy! Particularly as States is next weekend.

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