Ithaca Line-ups and Arrival Times

Coxswains Arrival: 7:15am.

Whole Team: Arrival time is BY 8am….The closer to Coxswain arrival the better.

Coaches and Coxswains meeting @ 7:30am.

First race for us: Approx~ 9:15am

Event2: Women’s HS Varsity 8+ A

(c) Colleen, (stroke) Meghan S, (7) Megan K, (6) Angelica, (5) Meghan M, (4) Ally, (3) Emma D, (2) Olivia A, (bow) Ava

Event 6: Women’s HS Varsity 8+ B

(c) Helen, (stroke) Michaela, (7) Izzy, (6) Marissa, (5) Mary, (4) Fiona, (3) Marlena, (2) Natalie, (bow) Emily G

Event 10: Women’s HS Novice 8+ A

(c) Reilly, (stroke) Sienna, (7) Erin, (6) Maggie, (5) Mackenzie, (4) Annika, (3) Alorah, (2) Sara, (bow) Emma M

Event 12: Women’s HS Novice 8+ B

(c) Amelia, (stroke), Morgan, (7) EmmaKate, (6) Christine, (5) Caroline, (4) Lizzie, (3) Lauren, (2) Leah (bow) Megan G

Event 14: Women’s HS Varsity 4+

A: (c) Bridgit, (stroke) Olivia S, (3) Bridey, (2) Rachel R, (bow) Rachael B

B: (c) Helen, (stroke) Izzy, (3) Michaela, (2) Mary, (bow) Marissa

C: (c) Colleen, (stroke) Ally, (3) Meghan M, (2) Grace, (bow) Natalie

Event 18: Women’s HS Novice 4+

(c) Reilly, (stroke) Sienna, (3) Erin, (2) Alorah, (bow) Emma M

Dual races to follow in the afternoon depending on morning results.

  • We will go to GWC boathouse immediately after racing to unload trailer and rig for Monday’s practice.

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