Big Sister/Little Sister Spring Season!

Hi everyone! The list is pretty much the same but there are a few switches! Please check the list to find if your group changed and to find your new little sister! We will be in these groups for the first few rigging and derigging days.

  1. Colleen, Helen, Amelia G
  2. Bridgit, Reilly R
  3. Grace G, Marlena F, Ellie M, Lauren O
  4. Rachel B, Maddie M, Emma D, Leah S
  5. Ava B, Olivia A, Mackenzie L, Caroline H
  6. Gabby, Emily G, Meghan M, Maggie S
  7. Meghan S, Angelica, Caroline L, Emma Kate M
  8. Izzy Lafler, Erin M, Emiliana M
  9. Ally S, Sienna H, Morgan M
  10. Mary M, Natalie L, Emily D
  11. Marissa, Fiona, Sara T, Annika S
  12. Megan K, Olivia S, Emma M, Megan G
  13. Bridey, Rachel R, Allorah, Christine S

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